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Remedial Massage Therapy

Service includes assessment and treatment:
Bio-electric Massage therapy

Specialized Stretching
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Dry Needling, E-stim
Rock Tape
Functional Exercise

Functional movement cupping 


Myofascial Needling(Sports Dry Needling)

This treatment works on the fascial system getting the fibroblast to activate and release the fascia, great for ITB Iliotibial Band, TLF Thoracolumbar Fascia and other area of thickened fascia


Dry Needling
This treatment uses acupuncture needles to target myofascial trigger points with in the muscle.


Myofascial Release (MFR)

This treatment is Awesome!. it can be deep or superficial depending on how your fascia is with some movement in treatment


Functioal Movement Therapy

This is prescription exercise to help build back muscle tolerance and reduce dysfunction with in muscles




Initial Consultation: 1 hour - $100.oo,

Mobile massage is $145.00 1hour

  • Paperwork to be filed come 5 minutes early if you can.

  • Assessment, posture, movement, functional testing.

  • treatment.

  • Plan for course of treatments.

  • advised stretching and exercise.


Follow-Up Treatments: 1 hour - $100.oo 30 min- $70.00,

Mobile massage $145.00 1hour

  • Assessment, posture, movement, range of motion testing

  • treatment

  • Plan for course of treatments

  • advised stretching and exercise



Simon is totally amazing at what he does. I’ve had many massages over the years and nothing comes close to the hands of this man.
He knows his thing and is a wealth of knowledge.
I like how I feel after a massage and have decided to follow Simon from one of his other clinics.
Well done Simon, thanks for keeping the smile on my dial

Corine-lee Hubbard

It was a great first session on my tight chest and rounded shoulders! He talked me through why certain places were tight and what was effecting what . Good learning experience for me and I feel better already! Making sure I stretch everyday and can't wait for the next session

Brooklyn Vandale

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